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The easiest way to collect, organize & search everything that inspires you
Odin is a centralized place for your notes, research, pictures and anything you want to save for later. Collect articles and social posts in their native formats, save inspiring pictures, take notes on any resource and build your digital brain dump.
Meet Odin
A better way to collect what inspires you and your team
Every day we come across hundreds of things we like online or around us. Odin is designed to empower you to capture the best of that.
We redesigned how we collect information, thoughts and ideas about our interests. We took the best of moodboards, journals and bookmarks and specifically built Odin for flexibility.
Odin is fast, searchable and allows you to collect the content you consume in the 21st century. Images, tweets, articles, TikToks, products and thoughts - whatever you want to collect or reference later, you'll feel like a wisdom demigod.
See it in action
The fastest way to save everything that inspires you and your team.
    Capture anything, from anywhere
    Notes and ideas, links, snapshots of your life, social media posts and even things not traditionally easy to save — email snippets, WhatsApp or Slack messages. We’re pretty serious when we say this, you can save anything, all of it displayed in its native format.
    Lightning fast, intelligent search
    Finding something you’ve previously saved is blazingly fast. No need to remember where you put that Amazon link a week ago or go through hundreds of Slack messages to find the Notion page your co-worker shared. We do the work for you and help you find it using an advanced searching system.
    Available anywhere
    On-the-go on your mobile device or tablet, on the web and as a Chrome extension.
    Enhance research with rich notes
    Add notes to any item you collect. We support markdown, to-dos & embeds.
Collaborate with ease
For teams, group projects or school work
Create organized spaces with your friends and team for common interests, projects, trips or learning.
Search through any of the links & media you collect. Less time trying to find that one post you saved two weeks ago, more time for deep thinking.
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